ECW Energy

Identity Design
Website Design

2021 — 2022

ECW Energy is a modern private utility company, always looking for the most sustainable and efficient way to supply energy to large corporate customers, such as large greenhouses and data centers.

ECW Energy is a private network operator, energy producer and trader, with its own networks of cables and pipelines, production and storage installations.

In addition to an extensive electricity and heat network, ECW has a high-pressure gas network, a CO2 network and a data network. ECW also enables energy trading between customers via its own Smart Utility and Markets platform (SUM). The energy ECW produces itself comes from geothermal energy, biomass, sun and CHPs (cogeneration via a gas engine with dynamo). These are all more sustainable approaches to energy generation.

After consultation from a strategist, ECW Energy came to us for a new visual brand identity and website. One of the key points in the briefing was that the identity should radiate friendliness. At the same time it was important that ECW Energy communicates and explains in a clear way what they’re doing to all stakeholders, whether they're corporate business partners or local neighbours.


The logo consists of a logomark, logotype and a tagline. The type is set in Cera Pro, a typeface that is distilled from elementary shapes and brings simplicity, elegance and a certain warmth. We used all lower-case for an even more friendly and approachable look.

The logomark consists of several elements. It’s a lightbulb, which refers to energy but also at the solid solutions that ECW delivers. At the time time it resembles a green leaf, which resembles the sustainable nature of said solutions. There is an equation mark in there as well and by that the logo could be read as “ECW is energy”.


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