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2020 — 2021

A new brand identity was commissioned by Koot Professionals, a down-to-earth recruitment agency based in Rotterdam.

The people of Rotterdam are known for being hard workers, an attitude which very well may be descended from the dock workers of the Rotterdam port. At the same time, Rotterdammers don't shy away from making jokes about each other and themselves.

In this way, Koot is typically like the people from Rotterdam: eager to work, quickwitted but always remaining friendly. These traits are found in many of the employees of Koot. Besides that, many of them share a passion for sports.

These traits and attributes set the tone and starting point for the visual identity of Koot: bright, straight forward and approachable.


A repetition of shapes was applied in the design of the logo, to suggest movement. At the same time, the arrow shape combined with the second O form together a medal, visualising the winner's mentaility of Koot.

Further emphasising the competitive nature of Koot, the logomark was placed large on the back of the business cards, which in turn could be hanged from a keycord. In this way, the Koot employees can hang the brand proudly around their neck.

Several brand assets have been created alongside the logo, such as custom icons, stationery & several posters.

Mockups Design

After the new brand identity was completed, we created a content strategy with templates so that the in-house marketeer could easily generate content for the social media of Koot.


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