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2019 — 2020

Simon and Ole, two veterans in the world of managing and building business, have developed their own method for helping entrepreneurs build a better business.

Simon & Ole have coached many businesses and entrepreneurs over the years. During this time, they've developend and enhanced their own methodology. All this is documented in 260 pages of business advice.

We've worked closely together with Zeal for a few years. Enough trust was built that we've enjoyed a LOT of freedom in this project. From picking the typefaces & layout to the paper & size and everything in between.

One of the few wishes was that it should be a colorful book. Many books about business tend to be quite boring. Therefore, we had the oppurtunity to go full CMYK in this book so that plenty of color could be used.

Photo of ZEAL management book | design by Sebastiaan Werkendam

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